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Teen Wolf Hitlist (so far)



It’s in order of how much one’s worth from high to low.

Bold names = characters we know
Red = dead


  • Names that aren’t on the list (yet): Malia, Peter and Liam

  • Scott still is “The hot girl” with 25M behind his name (It’s not really fun to be the hot girl in Beacon Hills now is it ^^)

  • Jordan Parrish is on the list with 5M, so what is he exactly?

  • The codes were ‘Allison’ and ‘Aiden’, who were both close to Lydia and killed by the Oni, who were controlled by the Nogitsune. So what will the third code be? 

  • The last part of the list has names with a worth of 21.750.000, so how many names are on it and who?

  • Are de codes linked to Lydia and her Banshee powers alone or also linked to ‘The Benefactor’?

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Lydia casually checking out Parrish.  (◕‿◕✿)

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If you have friends, you have family.

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That’s great. You gave superpowers to a walking time-bomb.